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Azam IT Generic Letter to Charities and NGOs (2003/06/12)

*** Press Release 2003/06/12 ***

  • How can Azam help our disabled clients?

    Azam could benefit a whole range of your disabled clients because the traditional way in which we communicate over the internet using PCs can be laborious and difficult for those who are physically and/or cognitively impaired. Azam does not require users to have the ability to type or input extensive commands to create an output which is useful, or to convey the full extent of the intended communication. A user can maintain the confidentiality of their communication even if another person needs to help out with some of the physical actions required to record, save and send. We believe it is a programme which could help those of your clients with relatively severe disabilities and with this in mind, we think it is important to work with registered charities in distributing the product as widely as possible.

    In January 2004, the launch of Azam Version 2 provides functionality for voice filtering and morphing. This innovation can greatly assist people who have voice impediments, or due to certain disabilities have problems being understood. A live example can be listened to here.

  • How will the process work?

    Your organisation will receive requests for Azam from existing clients or new ones. If, in your opinion they qualify, you will provide them with a 'free' software key to enable them to register on our website. It is the intent of some of the charities we are working with to use email requests, where the person requesting the access key will provide some basic information to you.

    The proactive approach is to contact prospective beneficiaries and local government authorities as part of the normal process you follow to help your disabled clients.

    Remember - the distribution of access keys is at your discretion. You will get 1177 keys to distribute to 1176 disabled people or their families and carers.

  • What type of disabled clients can ADI benefit?

    Azam can be of use as a transmitter and a receiver to anyone who can talk and hear. Where this is not the case, those who cannot talk will be able to receive Azam messages, or those with hearing disabilities will be able to send Azam messages. Please review your copy of Azam to judge which of your disabled clients you believe it will most benefit.

  • Who is eligible and what if we make a mistake?

    Anyone who is currently registered disabled or has a blue disabled motor vehicle badge, qualifies for free Azam. Additionally, if someone fits these criteria but is unable to acquire a copy for themselves, a member of the household can do so by proxy.

    If a mistake is made - that's life! We will not ask you for the money, nor expect you to spend time undoing the mistake.

  • How do we keep track?

    We will do this for you automatically: Because Azam is an email PC product, the disabled client will be on email anyway so an audit trail is easily available. You may wish to keep your own records for future reference. Nevertheless, we will provide you with a regular list of registered users via email.

  • How long must we commit?

    As long as you wish.

  • We are worried about our commitment because of the time and resource it could take?

    Join the initiative for a few months to see what is involved.

  • What about liability issues?

    There are none, but please refer to the simple contract which outlines each parties involvement.

  • What are the contractual details?

    Print them off here (PDF)

  • Can we produce CD copies of the software and hand them out?

    At present no. Apart from the fact it will cost you money to do this, we need to ensure the latest Azam release is not mixed up with older ones.

  • What if our disabled client hasn't got a PC?

    Without a PC your disabled clients cannot use Azam; nevertheless, phase two of Azam will be an initiative to recruit volunteers from schools, colleges and universities to acquire used PCs from businesses or friends and family and install them in the homes of disabled or elderly people who would like access to a PC and the internet.

  • How do you propose we inform our disabled clients?

    Email, word of mouth, local press, posters in your charity shops, internal memos, external newsletters or via local social services.

  • We don't really know how many disabled clients will approach us.

    Nor do we. If you run out of your 1176 access keys, we'll give you some more!

  • What other benefits are there available for our charity from this initiative?

    Your sponsorship will be noted on our website and linked to your site. Each Azam product downloaded will have your charity name on every copy that originated from one of its access keys. We felt it only right to permanently advertise the source it was acquired from. Additionally some disabled people will be happy to make a donation directly to you.

  • Why do we get 1177 keys?

    One key is for internal use by your organization. This leaves 1176. The cost of the download version in the UK is £ 29.99 including VAT, or 25.52 net of VAT. According to the Charity Commission you can account for this as a "gift in kind". Each copy you give away equates to a true market value worth 25.52 to the disabled client and can be accounted as such. Bottom line: we wanted to help your top and bottom line by £ 30,000.

  • What do we do next?

    Please sign the contract referred to above and email us at adi@azamit.com.

Download the ADI Contract here - Portable Document Format (PDF)

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