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ADI: Information for disabled people

  • How can Azam help me?

    We would like as many people with disabilities as possible to benefit from our initiative. We do however want to ensure that our community partners are distributing the unique software access key codes to people who genuinely fall within the objectives of our initiative. The best way to check your eligibility to receive free access to a key code which will activate free access to Azam is to get in touch with one of the charities who are working with us to distribute them. They will be able to let you know in more detail whether or not you can benefit today!

  • How can I benefit?

    Azam will help you send emails without having to type text. It also opens the door to emotional communication which the written or typed word cannot; for example when sending thank you messages. Various applications of the product are described on this website.

    In January 2004, the launch of Azam Version 2 provides functionality for voice filtering and morphing. This innovation can greatly assist people who have voice impediments, or due to certain disabilities have problems being understood. Azam will allow recordings to be customized depending on the user's voice, stored and played back more clearly. Try it and see! A live example can be listened to here.

  • How do I qualify for a free Azam?

    If you live in the UK and are registered disabled or qualify for a blue disabled motor vehicle badge you qualify. Additionally, if there is someone in your household who fits the criteria above, but is unable to acquire a copy for themselves, you can do so on their behalf. One per household of course.

  • If I use Azam to create a voice email, must the recipient use Azam to hear it?

    The recipient of your Azam recording needs a copy of the Azam message player to listen to it. This is downloadable free of charge to everyone. Should the recipient wish to Azam a message back to you they will need a licensed copy of the product.

  • Is it possible to use Azam if I am profoundly hearing impaired or acutely visually impaired?

    No, not at this time. We are working on a function to make the product usable by those who are acutely visually impaired. Nevertheless, using Azam's voice filtering and morphing functions, some profoundly hearing impaired people have found they can send voice emails and be understood more clearly by the recipients of these audio messages.

  • I haven't got a PC.

    Without a PC you cannot use Azam; nevertheless, phase two of ADI will be an initiative to recruit volunteers from schools, colleges and universities to acquire used PCs from businesses or friends and family and install them in the homes of disabled or elderly people who would like access to a PC and the internet.

  • My son has a severe learning disability, how easy is it for him to use Azam?

    It depends on the level of the learning disability. If he can talk and hear he will enjoy using the basic functionality of Azam. Someone may have to help him send and receive emails, but remember this involvement will be minimal because it can take just three key strokes to make, save and send an Azam message. Try it and see!

  • Why do you care?

    This is the tricky question to answer. If the "you" refers to Azam IT the company, it's because several members of staff have someone close to them with disabilities of some form or another. The company came up with a policy from day one to get involved with charitable causes rather than wait until it got more established. We cannot deny that the positive publicity resulting from such an initiative may help the business in the longer-term.

    If the "you" refers to Andronicos, the inventor of Azam, he has an adult son who has severe learning difficulties and knows what it's like. Andronicos believes most people have the need, if not the right to be able to communicate with others easily.

  • I never accept charity.

    Offence can sometimes be cased by associating disability with charity. It should be noted that we have gone down this route for two reasons: Logistically we do not have the resources to effectively police who can legitimately acquire a copy of Azam and who should not. Secondly, such organisations are in constant contact with people with disabilities and as such have the expertise and experience to help in the practical delivery of ADI.

    Whatever your feelings about ADI, we respect your opinion. If you wish to acquire Azam, feel free to make a donation to any of the charities sponsoring ADI - they will be delighted. We would be pleased to hear from you if you have any ideas or suggestions which you believe could improve ADI.

  • What do I do next?

    Contact any charity sponsoring ADI, specifically in the area of your particular disability or that of the disabled person in your household or care. Alternatively, you could speak to the local social services department or health department ADI partner.

    They will provide you with a software key to enable registration to take place without having to pay, or at least advise you where to go.

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