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ADI: Information for Local Authorities and Government Agencies

A personal note of frustration from Andronicos, inventor of Azam:

It is extremely frustrating that as of November 2004, more than one year after launch of ADI, there are at least 50 Local Authorities in the UK still trying to identify "which department we should send your free Azam software for the disabled to". Please do your (our) disabled citizens a favor and send the following email ASAP to everyone in the local government authority you are working for:

Dear [name]

There is a FREE software product for assisting disabled persons to communicate with PCs, using their voice. If you deal with disabled persons, please visit www.azamit.com. Until we identify who is best suited for coordinating the distribution of Azam software, Mr(s) xxxxxxx xxxxxx of [department], [emailed] and [phone number] will act as temporary liaison officer between Azam International and [name of authority]. Please keep this email handy.

Azam IT Generic Letter to Local Authorities relating to the introduction email sent in July (2003/07/07)

*** Press Release 2003/06/12 ***

Please refer to the section explaining ADI to Charities and NGOs before reading the FAQs below.

  • How do you propose we inform our disabled clients?

    Initially, all we ask is that you inform social workers, carers, foster parents or anyone else loosely connected to your local authority who works with disabled people about ADI and Azam. Two memo/posters can be found below: One for public use, the other for internal use. Feel free to adapt them as you deem fit and kindly place them on public notice boards under your control.

  • What are the contractual details?

    It could be the case that your particular Government agency or Local Authority may wish to take a more proactive approach by actually taking part in the distribution of Azam. This will entail handing out access keys to disabled clients on the lines described in the ADI Charities/NGO section. A contract is enclosed to facilitate this. Alternatively, we suggest you pass on any interest directly to a participating charity that you have regular dealings with.

  • What do we do next?

    Please inform us, via email to adi@azamit.com, if you wish to take part, so that we can link your website to ours.

Proposed Poster Text for Local Authorities

  1. Proposed Poster for public use (e.g. waiting rooms/public noticeboards etc).
  2. Proposed Memo/Poster for staff use (elaborates on poster 1 to enable staff to advise their clients about the Azam Disabilities Initiative).

Poster 1


The Azam Disabilities Initiative invites people with disabilities to take advantage of FREE ACCESS to this new voice messaging and storage system for PCs.

  • Do you have difficulty communicating with colleagues, friends and family?
  • Do you find typing tricky?
  • Would you like to be able to send voice messages by email?
  • Would you find it useful to record meetings and conversations and index, edit, merge or store them?
  • Do you find emails lack personality?
If your answer is yes to any of the above, what are you waiting for? Visit www.azamit.com or speak to your social worker/health worker today for more details. FREE ACCESS to Azam - it's a whole new world of communication.

Don't just say it, Azam it!

Memo/Poster 2


Software Designers Azam International Technologies Limited have created a new voice messaging and storage system for PCs called Azam which will significantly improve the ability of people with severe and multiple disabilities to communicate more fully with colleagues, friends and family.

The Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI) has been set up to promote and distribute Azam software FREE to people with disabilities because of its inventor's personal experiences with disability. Those with certain visual, motor or cognitive disabilities who find conventional forms of communication challenging even with assistive technologies will welcome Azam which will allow people to simply talk to their PC and send off emails without typing a word. It's fast and easy, as well as good fun.

A large network of charities and independent advice organisations across the UK can be contacted by people interested in accessing FREE Azam and will distribute a 'keycode' which when entered as a password, will give the user FREE and unlimited access.

The Azam Disabilities Initiative will benefit a maximum number of people if it is widely promoted through a range of services available to disabled people in the UK. Local Authorities can play a big role in the promotion of Azam simply by advising their clients of its existence and displaying posters in public areas.

If you wish to give people access to improved methods of communication, visit www.azamit.com for more information.

Don't just say it, Azam it!

Could you or your organization make a difference?

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