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"I'm a freelance market researcher and use Azam for conducting interviews. I recently included Azam recordings when presenting my final report. It really hit home. Hearing real people give their opinions, hearing their emotions, was so much more powerful than banal transcriptions. The client has since asked me to work on a further two projects."

"I use Azam when ordering goods by phone. It came in handy last month when they tried to overcharge me. Azam saved me over £15!! Thanks"

"By the way, I think your firm has the best follow up  and customer support I have ever seen from a vendor in my 27 years using small computers including hundreds of software programs.  A pleasant surprise in a sea of typically poor customer service and automated customer service answering systems."

"Grandma can't type and never used a PC until a few weeks ago. She now sends emails of her actual voice to family and friends."

From the mother of a disabled child, who received two free copies of Azam under the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI): "Many thanks for the copies of the Azam software. J and I will have fun with our copy, the other I will give to the school where J goes so that other children can benefit."

"Thank you, Azam! You're a life-saver! We are a small company, so we have to do a lot of things with limited resources. We found that Azam helps us reduce the burden of transcribing meetings and since it also categorizes and stores data, it improves our record keeping without adding more ring binders."

"...we do not want to invest money in new products unless they add measurable value to working processes. Azam is successful in achieving quantifiable improvements."

"Typing is too much like hard work, - talking and pressing a button, that's more like it!"

"If I had to give 20 best ideas for over stretched businessmen/women, it would include Azam. I've found it invaluable for unloading ideas or messages in a hurry and maybe tightening them up later, before emailing back to the office."

"Straightforward, effective and not bank busting."

"You don't have to be computer literate to use it. You don't even have to be literate."

"it's child's play, friendly and easy to use... talk to me."

"email needed a bit of a facelift, it's got a voice lift! Seriously, it works well. And the quality is sound ;-)"

"Just started recording and it works well so far. If only more people had it. I can only Talk to a small group so far. Are there any Talk sites?"

"this is great, I hate writing letters (this is an exception!). My spelling sucks, grammar worse. I'm a much better talker and listener. Azam is for me!"

"I didn't really expect to use it in meetings, thought it was more for messages and phone calls. Tried it in a meeting yesterday, recorded discussions, slimmed the topics down and vmailed everyone by the afternoon. Got a great response. Try it in meetings or presentations. The sound quality is better than you think. I used the external mike provided."

"internet chat has changed forever......loved winding everyone up by playing with their voice mails. What a shame that you can lock them."

"The big deal with this product is that you can edit and index voice."

"easier and more useful than I expected. Cheap price conceals quality software."

"Hey, you guys rock!!!"

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