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A Press interview relating to the use of Azam Software for Comatose, brain injured and unconscious patients

  • Who are you and what is your role?

    My name is Andronicos I had the initial idea for Azam and many of its functions. I am also the author of many of the hints and tips you can read in the online help screens. My current role is to head the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI).

    My brief resume can be read here.

  • How would you summarize Azam?

    Azam is a piece of software that allows you to record voice directly into your PC. Alternatively, you can record into your PC via your telephone, most audio output devices such as tape recorders, etc., or importing from other Azam systems. Any form of talk is captured; be they messages, dictations, discussions or meetings. You can edit, save, store and send these recordings on line, via email to one or many people. Azam simply replaces text with your talk.

  • Is Azam International Technologies a charity?

    No. It is a privately owned corporation that exists to make a profit, nevertheless, substantial resource has and is being used to provide free download copies, technical support and future upgrades of Azam to people with disabilities via registered charities and local authorities. The Azam Foundation is being set up to undertake such matters. This will be a registered charity. In the meantime, the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI), which was launched in the spring of 2003, has helped many many people with disabilities. Several registered charities and local authorities have been assisting, by informing or taking part in the free distribution of Azam software to their clients. We have now launched the free use of Azam for medical use as described below.

  • How can Azam software help coma patients?

    Patients who are in a coma, brain injured, traumatized or unconscious are often given various forms of stimulation to help bring them out of their state.

    Azam enables customized audio recordings to be produced onto a CD by family and friends who may be living all over the world, so that the patient can 'listen to them with headphones via an ordinary portable MP3 or CD player. Azam also enables voice clips to be morphed so that, as an example, Grandma's voice can be heard with special effects. These effects include echo, fast, slow and backwards playback, designed to provide unusual audio stimulation for the patient. Ordinary tape recorders cannot do this. We wish to make it clear that this is a research project and not a miracle cure. Indeed, there are certain medical conditions, for example after brain surgery, that renders audio stimulation totally ineffective.

  • Will hospitals be producing the recordings?

    Hospitals will not be asked to produce the recordings or finished CDs, this will be up to the patient's family, who will be provided with Azam software free of charge and technical support, under the auspices of the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI) scheme. All we ask from hospitals is to inform the families of unwell patients about Azam, ensure exposure to playback is not continuous and to provide test results.

  • What are the other medical uses of Azam Software?

    In the event that a patient recovers consciousness but has memory loss, Azam can also be used over a period of time to facilitate memory salvaging and reminders of past events. Family and friends can email Azam voice clip attachments from around the world to the patient's PC.

  • Is Azam easy to use?

    Yes. You do not have to be a brain surgeon to use Azam.

  • How can the press help?

    Please tell as many of your readers, viewers or listeners as possible at the earliest opportunity. At best, it will help patients; at worst it will help families get closer together by helping personally in the treatment of their loved one at a very difficult time. Please let everyone know as soon as possible. We do ask that you emphasize that this technology is experimental and it is not a miracle cure. Furthermore, as stated above, we do not wish to give false hope to families of patients who are in deep comas for physical medical reasons such as following brain surgery.

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