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Executive one page Azam summary for busy Hospital Consultants, Surgeons and Senior Nursing Staff

Azam is an easy to use commercial PC software product that enables audio voice clips and music to be recorded, stored, emailed (from anywhere in the world) and merged from different sources. These voice clips can even be recorded during a preplanned phone conversation directly onto a PC. Ordinary tape recorders cannot do this. Azam can and it's free of charge. Using Azam, patients who are in a coma, brain injured, traumatized or unconscious can be given various forms of audio stimulation to help bring them out of their state.

Azam enables customized audio recordings to be produced onto a CD by family and friends, so that the patient can 'listen' to them with headphones via an ordinary portable MP3 or CD player. Azam also enables voice clips to be morphed so that, as an example, Grandma's voice can be heard with special effects. These effects include echo, fast, slow and backwards playback, designed to provide unusual audio stimulation for the patient. It is worth noting, many doctors often suggest playback of familiar voices to patients. What has not been tested, as far as we are aware, is the effect on the subconscious unconscious mind, of playing back these familiar voices with special effects. Ordinary tape recorders cannot do this. Azam can and it's free of charge. Your hospital is invited to take part in a simple, easy to manage study.

Hospitals will not be asked to produce the recordings or finished CDs, this will be up to the patient's family, who will be provided with Azam software free of charge and technical support, under the auspices of the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI) scheme.

The amount of hospital resource required, per medical employee is estimated below in parenthesis.

All we ask from your medical team are the following:

  • To understand the basic concept of using Azam Software as described above. (This will take approximately 12 minutes per medical employee as a one off exercise)

  • To inform the families of patients, by referring them to our website: www.azamit.com. (Ongoing effort, and a maximum of 3 minutes per patient)

  • To give permission for its use by family members, emphasizing that this is experimental technology. (Ongoing effort, but minimum resource)

  • To ensure, via nursing staff, that patients are not exposed to continuous playback hours on end. (Ongoing effort, but minimum resource)

  • To let us know the test results as soon as possible. We suggest that a designated point of contact at the hospital will provide information on a simple form that we have prepared. This form can be emailed to a specific email address of comastats@azamit.com, or faxed to +44 (0) 208 841 3777 (Ongoing effort, and a maximum of 5 minutes per patient)

The best-case scenario is that Azam will assist some of your patients regain consciousness. The worst-case scenario is that it will bring hope to families who will actually be taking part in the treatment of their loved ones and get them closer together at such a difficult time in their lives.

In the event that a patient recovers consciousness but has memory loss, Azam can also be used over a period of time to facilitate memory salvaging and reminders of past events.

We wish to make it clear this is not a miracle cure and clearly not for use for patients who have serious physical medical conditions. Finally, if you are a Consultant or Senior Nurse who has in-depth experience in coma recovery techniques and would like to share your experiences or take a more active role in this project, we would appreciate hearing from you. Initially, please email coma@azamit.com. Kindly email this page to any medical colleague you feel could be interested.


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