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Azam International Technologies Limited (Azam IT) is a privately owned, independent UK corporation based in Britain headed by Mike Salter. The company is the sole global distributor of Azam on behalf of the Azam product owners. Executive bios can be read, by clicking on the names.

The management team of Azam IT, its investors, and owners of the Azam product, firmly believe that philanthropy, innovation and ethical commercial enterprise can successfully live side by side. Existing and future technology will not only help those less fortunate in society, but assist families, professionals and the corporate world (organizations large and small), to avoid misunderstandings and be more productive in communication from day one of product implementation.

Azam IT also provides the support and development infrastructure for the Azam product which incorporates management consultancy and education services to assist organizations in general implementation. Furthermore, it is responsible for the appointment of International dealer agents and the worldwide sponsor of ADI, the Azam Disabilities Initiative.

The key technical managers are Tony Brett, Head of R & D and Steve Perrins, Development Manager.

Andronicos, the inventor of Azam acts as a non-executive advisor to all Azam IT operating companies, to dealer agents and is a consultant for the owners of the product. He is also the head of policy and implementation of ADI.

Distributors Wanted!

Would you like to become a Wholesale distributor of the Azam product in your Country or State? Azam International Technologies Limited seeks corporate distributors worldwide.

Do you have most of the following credentials -

  • A proven record of PC software distribution
  • Support staff second to none
  • A portfolio of retail customers or existing corporate customers
  • Available funding to market Azam software locally
  • (For non English speaking countries) The ability to translate Azam into local language
  • Connections with the national media using inhouse or external PR consultants
  • The skills needed to ensure Azam is available free of charge to anyone with disabilities within your territory via charities and local government agencies

In return, we will provide you with pre-purchased stock at discount (minimum 100 units) and our guarantee that any unsold stock will be replaced with the latest version of our product as it comes out. We will also pay you for any download sales that result from your customers, however large the order!

If you are a senior manager at a consultancy firm or systems integrator, consider using Azam software as a method to gain a competitive edge on contract tenders. Also consider giving Azam software to some of your larger customers as a thank you for business to date. You will benefit from the PR and subject to contract, any future Azam software sales that may result.

If you're interested in distributing Azam, contact us.

Investment Opportunities

Azam International Technologies Limited is actively seeking commercial venture capital funding or investors who accept our philanthropic goals. As well as planning foreign language versions of the product, the company is currently working on exciting research and development projects. Subject to marketing funding, Azam is now ready for a global launch!

Franchise Opportunities

Consider becoming an Azam franchisee in the new year. All you need is a few spare hours a month, the minimum is twelve but you can do as many as you like of course. Although Azam is easy to use and install, we will train you how to implement Azam at small local businesses. You will become an official Certified Azam Consultant, which will give you the opportunity to earn 1-2k per month from sales commission and consultancy revenue. The outlay will be minimal. We are not looking for PC experts, but someone who has basic PC knowledge, knows Azam and has the initiative or contacts to find local customers who would benefit from our innovative technology.

This is an ideal opportunity to anyone over 18, who is studying at college, retired teachers or people with business experience.

Please email your interest to us so that we can make contact.

The Azam software product is owned by a number of private individuals and an American based corporation.

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