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Important announcement: Until Azam Version 4 is launched soon, we have disabled Azam Version 3 downloads, as it will be very unfair to let you buy the older version of Azam now, at the higher price. Put a special diary note and tell all your friends and co-workers!

Quick Checklist to see if Azam will run on your PC

Most PCs that run Windows XP will have the mandatory Microsoft software Azam needs, already installed. Whether you are running XP or not, remember Azam will check your PC at installation time anyway and give you the choice to download optional Azam features. These additional features are provided at no additional charge.

Windows 98SE or later: Prerequisite to Azam working.

Windows Media 9: Prerequisite to Azam working. To check your version, open your player, select <Help>, <About>

Microsoft® DirectX 9C: Optional. You only need this if you want voice special effects and morphing. To check your version, click Start on your PC, press Run, and enter 'dxdiag'.

Microsoft® Speech API 4: Optional. You only need this if you want Azam to convert non-English text to multilingual speech.

Microsoft® Speech API 5: Optional. You only need this if you want Azam to convert text to speech, with additional English voices.

Microsoft® Additional Voices: Optional. You only need this if you want Azam to convert text to speech, with even more additional English voices! (Sorry, we don't have Mr Gates’ telephone number)

L&H Voices: Optional. You only need these if you want Azam to convert text to speech, and speak in several languages. You have a choice at install time: all of them or none of them. You can always install them later, individually or otherwise, from this download page.

Most Popular Downloads

Azam Software V4.0
Free 30-day trial
?MB Download
The Hows and Whys of Azam User Manual (PDF)FREE! 3.09MB Download
Azam Message Player V3.0FREE! 2.22MB Download

Additional Downloads

Most of the downloads listed below will be done automatically when you install Azam. Customers who buy the CD (Boxed version) of Azam will have most of the files pre-installed on the shipped CD.

Azam Word ToolbarFREE! 277KB Download
Microsoft® Windows Media PlayerFREE! MB varies More information before downloading Download
Microsoft® DirectX 9CFREE! MB varies Download
Check Your Azam Skills
64KB Download
Microsoft® Speech API 5FREE! 6.50MB Download
Microsoft® Additional VoicesFREE! 3.55MB Download
Microsoft® Speech API 4FREE! 6.22MB Download
All the L&H modules listed belowFREE! 14.6MB Download
L&H Text to Speech EngineFREE! 997KB Download
L&H TTS3000 British English (Voice)FREE! 2.54MB Download
L&H TTS3000 Spanish (Voice)FREE! 2.36MB Download
L&H TTS3000 German (Voice)FREE! 2.18MB Download
L&H TTS3000 Italian (Voice)FREE! 1.97MB Download
L&H TTS3000 Portugese (Brazilian) (Voice)FREE! 2.39MB Download
L&H TTS3000 French (Voice)FREE! 2.24MB Download

We suggest a number of connected parties try Azam at the same time by downloading several copies. Whether it be a group of friends, business associates, School, or Local Authority department, use Azam free of charge for a few weeks to send Voice emails, record meetings, record lessons, and even swap living diaries with each other. View examples

For PDF downloads, if you have the Display PDF in Browser option set in Acrobat's Preferences/Options menu you will need to use the Save a Copy icon on the Acrobat toolbar displayed in your browser window. To force a download instead of displaying in your browser right click on the link and use the Save Target As... option from the context menu.

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