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Azam software for Education

Azam is not just used by businesses (large and small) or for home use. Many schools and colleges find Azam to be a powerful communication tool to assist learning and provide an opportunity for students to get better grades. The education establishment can benefit by increasing its rank in the league table of exam results.

Here are just some ways Azam has been integrated within the education sector:

  1. Teachers can record critical lessons for students who have special needs or are absent through illness.
  2. Student group discussions can be recorded and indexed for review.
  3. Parts of the discussion or lecture can be emailed using Azam to other teachers or students.
  4. Students do not need to take extensive notes: they can simply record the lecture, which can then be indexed on the fly and the equivalent of CD audio tracks produced. Using Azam's template functions, these indexes can be pre-loaded before the lecture.
  5. Students can add their typed comments for subsequent reference, searching and retrieval.
  6. Teachers can mentor more effectively using Azam recordings.
  7. Homework, whether individually or as teams can be undertaken more efficiently.
  8. Azam recordings can be converted to MP3 and other formats for playing on portable players.
  9. Azam can be used to teach languages! Using experimental technology, Azam can translate various languages and then speak the resulting text, using a voice synthesizer.
  10. Performing practical science or biology experiments while taking hands free notes can be a problem. Using Azam, verbal notes can be made during experiments.
  11. Drama teachers can use Azam to teach and rehearse lines for budding actors. Students can practice at home.
  12. Using the Azam Diary Function, a living record of key events at school can be recorded and stored for posterity.
  13. Young children from Kindergarten up, can have lots of fun as well!

Practical considerations in implementing Azam at a school or college

Azam is easy to use and it doesn't take an expert to install and implement the software. Nevertheless here are some practical guidelines to ensure success. We emphasize they are guidelines and not directives, as every education establishment is different.

Please get the approval of the Head Teacher before using Azam.

If a student uses Azam in the classroom, the teacher must be informed and give permission.

Any lecture is the copyright of the teacher and the school. Either may request that any recordings of live lessons be used only by certain named individuals (eg, the student) and deleted by a certain date.

Some schools create a CD collection of Azam recordings by building a lesson archive and placing them in the school library. It is very easy to burn CDs from Azam records.

Prior to a lesson or lecture, a volunteer should be designated to undertake the recording and ensure Azam is running at all times. For even greater efficiency some teachers have found it useful to provide a list of 7 or 12 agenda items that will be covered during the lesson so that the Azam volunteer can index them as they happen (sometimes with a prompt from the teacher). This allows subsequent searching of a lesson segment, or emailing just parts of the lecture to be done very easily. It should be noted though; Azam allows this indexing to be done afterwards and even has an editing function.

In future, we will provide downloadable Templates to use for common High School lessons. This will enable the agenda items described above to be pre-loaded by the teacher prior to the lesson starting and allow the Azam volunteer to click on one button and automatically create index (audio track) markers.

As a reminder, under the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI), if there are students or teachers with disabilities at your school or college, they all qualify for a free Azam license at home. Additionally one complimentary Azam license will be available to use at any school that has at least one disabled pupil or teacher.

Consider our full implementation service, which initially only applies to Great Britain: For a budget of a few hundred pounds, we can deliver, install and train your school in the general use of Azam for use in every classroom. Azam's innovative technology can improve exam results and make lessons and homework more enjoyable! Email sales@azamit.com

Please email us with specific suggestions to improve Azam in the education sector and Templates to use, so that every school can benefit from your ideas. Email suggest@azamit.com

Some screenshots showing a typical lesson being recorded using Azam software

A printable copy of this article is available in PDF format.

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