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What can you do with Azam? Some very simple, but very clever things, like send emails without typing, distribute meeting minutes without writing them, keep an audio history of your life and your dealings with others. Let me tell you more about Azam key features, core functionality, software and hardware requirements and some of its many uses at work and at home.

Azam Helper
TickEasy to install and simple to use
TickUse in the office, at home, at school or in large organizations
TickRecord meetings, conversations, phone calls, reminders or personal messages
TickInclude animated gifs and digital pictures to add impact to a voice email, on playback
TickCategorize and store recordings on your PC for as long as you like: the actual voice!
TickDoesn't just record: Azam manages your voice recordings
TickFully functional dictation and transcription system at a fraction of the cost
TickIdeal for those who do not wish to type or use Voice Recognition
TickImport/Export function can convert audio files to/from WAV, MP3, WMA and OGG formats allowing playback on portable players or home music systems (eg CD Players)
TickVoice morphing and special effects
TickText to Speech
TickExperimental voice translation and speech technology included at no extra cost
TickToolbar to transcribe audio recordings into Microsoft® Word®
TickVideo email creation and compression

Azam main functions

Dictation: create, edit, send, store and manage voice messages, as an alternative to typed emails, or to enrich and personalize your written messages. See for yourself how easy it is to use! Check out a few screenshots now!

Meeting: use Azam to prepare agendas, record proceedings and distribute copies to attendees and interested parties instantly. Meeting recordings can be protected, categorized and stored for easy retrieval. See for yourself how easy it is to use! Check out a few screenshots now!

Telephone: record telephone conversations with family, friends, associates and suppliers. Note: in most countries you are obliged to inform the other party that you are recording a phone call. See for yourself how easy it is to use! Check out a few screenshots now!

Diary: use your voice, rather than a pen, as a memory jogger for ideas, activities and tasks in the future, as well as your own personal daily record to keep or share with your friends. See for yourself how easy it is to use! Check out a few screenshots now!

Video: create, send, store and manage video emails. Compress video emails before sending to save on file size. Checkout a few screenshots now!

Translate: create machine language translations, from practically any text document. Whether emails, Word documents, or even web pages, use Azam to facilitate their translation into one of several languages. Optionally, you can hear the resulting translation in one of several languages. At a touch of a button, you can save, store and even email the translated voice clip in whole or in part. Check out a few screenshots now!

Azam main functions

Software and Hardware Requirements

You can use Azam on any current PC running Microsoft® Windows XP (Home and Professional), Windows 2000, Windows ME or Windows 98SE with Windows Media Player 9 installed. Microsoft's® Speech API (available from the download page) must also be installed to use the Azam Text to Speech function. Azam may also work on older versions of Windows, and on embedded Windows operating systems, such as Windows CE, but these have not been tested and are not formally supported. You will need a sound card, speakers and a microphone. (A professional microphone is supplied with the boxed version of Azam). In order to use the Phone function, you will need a modem with full Voice support (DATA/FAX/VOICE). Please check with the manufacturer before purchasing your modem to ensure it fully supports Voice functionality. Sufficient hard disk space should be available for storage of your Azam files. Despite excellent compression, sound files are large, typically 1MB per minute of recording. Video files are even larger.

Download our AzamTest utility to ensure your PC is capable of running the Azam application.

Azam at work

When using Azam to record meetings, you capture the tone, don't lose a word and store them for future reference or management review. Plus, you avoid writing minutes. Just think how easy it is to:

TickSend a complete or partial recording of the meeting to participants, absentees or anyone who needs to feel "part of the process"
TickIndex action points for individual attendees
TickIndex sections that require external advice (e.g. legal, marketing, top management) and email them just those sections. Later, collate their feedback into the Azam recording.
TickEdit out sensitive or confidential sections for general distribution
TickCollate different sessions for presentations or management review

Brainstorming with Azam is even more creative, both in meetings and with "round robin" distribution of thoughts and ideas. Ideas collected outside the office aren't lost. Dictaphone recordings can easily be imported into Azam.

Busy managers use Azam to personalize their feedback to staff. Company leaders to inspire and motivate their employees. Outside the company, Azam brings you closer to clients, suppliers and partners. And it helps you manage a transparent relationship with the Press.

Azam's telephone function is invaluable for tracking sales and support calls with clients, as a tool for training new staff and to make the most of conference calls and telephone "meetings" with professionals, such as lawyers and consultants. Because it's all on the record, Azam helps avoid misunderstandings and resolve disputes.

Interviews are another key area for Azam use, for HR professionals and marketing/PR agencies alike. Voice recordings allow a qualitative analysis to be shared with others, or incorporated into reports and presentations to illustrate the points you're making.

Some specific information pages are available -

Azam at home

Azam is fun! And it brings friends and family closer together. It's great for historic events - baby's first few words or Grandma's 80th birthday speech - for recurrences - personalized birthday and seasonal greetings - and for everyday use - keeping a personal voice diary or sending jokes to friends.

Children and teenagers enjoy using Azam to send messages - often romantic! - to friends. It's faster and more personal than texting and you aren't limited to one friend: Azam messages can be emailed to as many friends as you like. And they can have fun editing, cutting and pasting your message and forwarding it on to others.

What could be more fun than sharing video clips using email, rather than expensive mobile phones!

For some specific uses of Azam click here, or refer to the sector specific Press Releases.

Go to the Azam filmed demonstration page to see the software in real life. Also view our training videos. All are available online now, via streaming.

Please tell others about Azam. Let senior management within your organization, friends and relatives all know about this neat communications tool. Why don't you email this page to them now?

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