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Various Live Azam Film Clips

Below you will find a list of film clips taken in the autumn of 2005, which describe Azam Version 3 in action. If you are not using a broadband connection, please click on the 112k or 56k(dial up) streaming options, which can be found underneath each screen. This page will give you the look and feel of the product as well as provide demonstrations on how to use Azam at home or at work. Corporate customers may use the material free of charge as part of their customized Azam training courseware.

Andronicos introduces Azam. 2 mins 256k

Mike Salter introduces the video clips. 1 min 256k  112k  56k (audio)

Itís as easy as 1,2,3: How to send an voice clip and picture via email, using Azam. 4 mins 256k  112k  56k (audio)

How to email free Azam video clips and how to use the Translation function. 3 mins 256k  112k  56k (audio)

How to use the Azam Meeting function. 5 mins 256k  112k  56k (audio)

How to use some of the other Azam Version 3 functionality not described already in the above film footage. 2 mins 256k  112k  56k (audio)

About Azam. A one minute film clip by Tony Brett Azam International Technologies' Head of R+D, relating to our technology. 1 min 256k  112k  56k (audio)

About the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI). A one minute film clip by Andronicos Azamís inventor and the Head of ADI. 1 min 256k  112k  56k (audio)

In November 2005, Dr Peter Grey, the CEO of Executive Development Consultants which is a subsidiary of Strontium PLC hosted a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) seminar at the Dorchester hotel in London. The keynote speaker was Lord Hastings of the BBC. Andronicos was invited to give a speech on how the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI) is helping many disabled persons worldwide, his research in using voice filters to assist persons with voice impairments and how Azam is being used on coma patients. If you would like to view the whole seminar including Lord Hastings' excellent presentation on CSR at the BBC, please go to www.edc.uk.net. View Andronicos' (also known as 'Zed') 8 minute speech at the CSR Dorchester hotel event. 8 mins 256k  112k  56k (audio)

Our grateful thanks to Strontium PLC and Executive Development Consultants (edc) for sponsoring the above film footage. Strontium is an AIM listed public company that invests in ideas. edc, under the leadership of Dr Peter Grey is one of the most well known and longest established executive coaching organisations in the UK.

The inspiring film clip about 'Kristian: the extraordinary football supporter' was kindly sponsored by Azam International. It can viewed on this website or at www.andronicos.net/inspiration

Finally, although a picture paints a thousand words and the above film clips paint even more, why donít you try Azam software free for 30 days to get the overall picture? And itís for a good cause, because your purchase of amazing Azam will assist Azam Disabilities Initiative research as well as providing free technology to persons with disabilities.

Donít just say it Azam it!

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