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Optional recitals from religious texts and observing religious customs during medical treatment

Azam software is a tool to enable the creation of customized audio voice recordings to enable friends and family to produce stimulation to comatose, brain injured, traumatized and unconscious patients. Under the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI), Azam software will be provided free of charge for this purpose.

If the patient and family are religious, excerpts from various religious texts have been prepared below as uplifting material to assist in the creation of Azam voice audio clips. Also included are general guidelines for use by friends, non adherent family members and medical staff, in relation to religious specific customs during medical treatment.

Some of the information below has been taken from the booklet ‘Religions and Cultures: Guide to Beliefs and Customs for Health Staff and Social Care Services’, by Dr Moussa Jogee MBE, JP and Mrs Sarj Lai JP.

They are presented in alphabetical order and will have appropriate links as soon as possible.

Not particularly religious? A thought provoking poem relating to World Peace, which can be used by anyone (religious, spiritual or atheist). Juan Carlos Calderon, the Spanish composer who has written songs for Ricky Martin, Louis Miguel and others, has very kindly agreed to allow the use of the music to his beautiful hit number one song 'Amarte es un placer' for use in the Azam coma initiative. The lyrics to 'The Ancient Song of the Human Race' were written by Andronicos as part of one of his other projects. It has been included here because it is not often easy to get legal copies of downloadable music from the internet. Download and play for coma patient use (WMA format). Alternative MP3 format.

Bahá'í Faith(Various Sacred Writings)
(Suggestions relating to observing Bahá'í customs during medical treatment)
Buddhist Faith(Suggestions relating to observing Buddhist customs during medical treatment)
Chinese Culture (Suggestions relating to observing Chinese customs during medical treatment)
Christian Faith(Old and New Testament)
Hindu Faith(Bhagavad Gita)
(Suggestions relating to observing Hindu customs during medical treatment)
Islamic Faith(The Quoran)
(Suggestions relating to observing Muslim customs during medical treatment)
Jewish Faith(Old Testament)
(Suggestions relating to observing Jewish customs during medical treatment)
Mormon Faith(Book of Mormon)
(Suggestions relating to observing Mormon customs during medical treatment)
Sikh Faith(The Granth Sahib)
(Suggestions relating to observing Sikh customs during medical treatment)

If you would like to suggest materials from other Faith's holy books, kindly email suggestions to suggest@azamit.com

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The suggestions relating to observing religious customs during medical treatment have been included 'in all good faith'. Religions have been listed generically (eg Christian) and unless otherwise stated have not been broken down into specific faiths (eg, Baptist, Methodist etc). Some suggestions have come from local religious leaders and may not reflect interpretations in other geographic or cultural regions. Opinions and guidelines can also change based on new or alternative local or international interpretations. It is therefore prudent to check with close family members, or the patient's local religious community before making the assumption that he or she adheres to specific religious customs or rites. Doing so will at best, save embarrassment and at worst, avoid offence.

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