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Kristian: the extraordinary football supporter

Kristian is a young man with severe disabilities including autism, yet has an amazing gift: an almost photographic memory for football (soccer) statistics, maps, birthdays and popular music. After you have watched this moving, inspirational 7 minute film clip, Kristian would love an email from you!

Free film download (7 minutes duration)

If due to the volume of people concurrently downloading the film, you find the server is slow, please use the alternative mirror of this webpage on www.andronicos.net

To email Kristian

Kristian would love to get an email from members of the public in as many cities and countries as possible, with comments about his film! Email kristian@andronicos.net but please include your initials, the name of your city and country in the subject line. We will eventually post some of your emails here...anonymously unless you state otherwise.

Additional information

The film was shot in London on the day the World Cup 2006 started in Germany: June 9th 2006. It was sent to the English Football Association to inspire the players. They sent a lovely response back.

It was produced with a budget of less than $1000 as a demo to TV production companies, with the intent to eventually commission a feature length documentary about Kristian.

It was influenced by Desmond Lynam's excellent rendition of Rudyard Kipling's 'If', to the music of Pavane by Faure.

It was produced and directed by Andronicos, Kristian's father, who runs the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI) on behalf of Azam International Technologies. Under this programme, Azam voice recording software is provided free to disabled persons to empower them to communicate more effectively.

Commercial use of this film footage (in broadcast or HD quality) can be arranged by emailing here. Net proceeds from broadcasting rights will go to philanthropic causes. Please include... Kristian TV... in the subject line, to avoid it being deleted.

Thank you for watching Kristian the extraordinary football supporter. If you enjoyed this short fly on the wall documentary and found it inspiring, please add it to your favourites folder and send this page to your friends.

Find out more about Azam software and the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI) by clicking here

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