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Azam software for journalists and editors

Here are just some ways Azam can be integrated for use by journalists and editors

  1. Press interviews can be recorded and indexed automatically. All or part of the interview can be emailed to a colleague or the legal department, for opinions.
  2. Phone calls can be recorded.
  3. Interviews can be pre-prepared so that important questions or topics can be pre loaded into Azam, and a searchable index created for subsequent playback or email.
  4. Inter-departmental communications can be distributed and explained much more easily. Lengthy typed memos are time consuming, especially when trying to meet press deadlines. Azam voice recordings are not. Transcription from Azam recordings can be controlled through a toolbar on Microsoft® Word.
  5. Internal staff meetings can be recorded and stored.
  6. Disabled members of staff can be more productive and enjoy more responsibilities using Azam as a communication tool at home and in the office.
  7. Non-attendees of important interviews can review all or part of the discussion content, after the event, as an observer, saving time and money.
  8. Several Azam recordings can be merged, edited and indexed. A summary can be played back to an editor.
  9. Interviews held on tape recorders can be downloaded, indexed, managed and archived.
  10. Although Azam does not work on Apple Systems, Apple users can listen to recordings converted to Wav or MP3 formats.
  11. Many TV, Radio, and Magazine stories also appear on the media organization's internet pages. Using Azam, it is easy to create edited voice clips, based on live interviews.

For further information please contact us at corporate@azamit.com

Please tell you viewers, listeners or readers about free Azam for coma use, the free Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI) and Azam use generally for your particular media coverage.

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