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Azam software for lawyers and legal professionals

Azam is not just for use by small/medium-sized organizations or for members of the public. Lawyers (whether sole practitioners or international law firms) will find Azam invaluable.

Here are just some ways Azam can be integrated by the legal profession.

  1. In between court hearings, lawyers can dictate urgent letters straight onto their PC and email all or part of the dictation to their office for typing. Legal secretaries can record phone calls from their colleagues (perhaps letters for typing or complicated instructions) in real time.
  2. Inter-departmental communications can be distributed and explained much more easily. Lengthy typed memos are time consuming. Azam voice recordings are not. Transcription from Azam recordings can be controlled through a toolbar on Microsoft® Word.
  3. Azam Meeting agendas can be created and standardized.
  4. The costs of having meetings (internal or with clients) can be measured in real time.
  5. Departmental servers can store Azam recordings and be adapted to provide a hierarchical and secure remote or internal access dependent on customized security tables. Audio clips of expert opinions can be managed.
  6. Disabled members of staff can be more productive and enjoy more responsibilities using Azam as a communication tool at home and in the office.
  7. Presentations to clients and partners can be brought to life. Foils really can talk with Azam.
  8. Non attendees of important meetings can review all or part of the discussion content, after the event, as an observer, saving time and money.
  9. Consultations or negotiations can be recorded, indexed and stored. Even phone calls can be recorded.
  10. Several Azam recordings can be merged, edited and indexed. A summary can be played back to a senior partner.
  11. Clients who feel uncomfortable explaining certain events in front of someone, may prefer to record and email what happened to their lawyer, from the comfort of their own home and at their leisure.
  12. Remote mediation is also possible in certain situations. Azam has been used to send voice recordings from two parties for initial attempts to mediate or arbitrate. This can be done without a face to face meeting.
  13. Unlucky clients involved in accidents or medical malpractice claims can have digital photographic evidence stored in Azam recordings with a detailed voice clip of the emotional effects. Respondents may settle cases quicker. In December 2004, Azam will facilitate video evidence.
  14. Certain customers use Azam to record an audio database of expert opinions. An expert may be too busy to write an emergency detailed report of an opinion, but have no objection to give a lengthy audio interim opinion of the facts, for partner use and internal law firm distribution.

For further information please contact us at corporate@azamit.com

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