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The Press Room, wen read in conjunction wiv the rest of this site, will provide yer wiv important news and information about Azam IT, init?Inside yer will find company 'istory, executive bios, recent press releases, right, graphics, contact information and more, init?Us mission is ter provide yer wiv accurate, right, up-to-date and 'elpful information about the bloody company. Yer can't 'ave a knees-up wivout a joanna. We are extremely proud of Azam ter date and 'ave a look forward ter sharin' us story wiv yer.

Should yer feel that yer need additional information, right, or if yor interested in speakin' wiv an Azam IT executive, please do not 'esitate ter contact the Press Office on +44 (0)208 841 3777 or email pressoffice@azamit.com. Be sure ter include Azam in the chuffin' subject line, uvverwise us spam filters may delete yor valued email.

An interview wiv Andronicos, right, the inventor of Azam, can be read below.

An Interview with Andronicos (and press FAQs) relating to the use of Azam in coma therapy

In the Spring of 2004, the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI) was extended to enable the free use of Azam software for the families and friends of comatose, brain injured, brain traumatized or unconscious patients. A Press interview (and press FAQs) relating to coma matters can be viewed here.

A general Interview relatin' ter Azam wiv Andronicos (and press FAQs)

  • 'oo are yer and woss yor role?

    I 'ad the bloody initial idea for Azam and many of its functions. I'm also the auffor of many of the bleedin' hints and tips yer can read in the online 'elp James Deans. Me story of why Azam were created and personal experiences can be read at the bleedin' end of The bloomin' Hows and Whys of Azam Cocker Spaniel, wich can be dahnOld Kent Roaded from this website. An extract of the bloomin' Cocker Spaniel containin' just the story is available here.

    Me brief resume and links ter the patented, right, not for profit Robin 'ood late payment surcharge 'arvestin' initiative can be read 'ere. Yer can't 'ave a knees-up wivout a joanna. For the record, right, I do not claim ter be the chuffin' inventor of usin' PCs ter store and send voice emails.

    I am now involved in launching ADI: The Azam Disabilities Initiative and researching the use of Azam in creating audio stimulation for comatose and brain injured patients. A separate press interview relating to this can be read here.

  • How would yer summarize Azam?

    Azam is a piece of software that allows yer ter record voice directly into yor PC. Alternatively, yer can record into yor PC via yor dog and bone, most audio output devices such as tape recorders, etc., or importin' from uvver Azam systems, do wot guvnor! Any form of rabbit and pork is captured; be they messages, dictations, right, chats or meetings. Yer can edit, right, Chas'n'Dave, store and send these recordings on line, right, via email ter one or many blokes. Azam simply replaces text wiv yor rabbit and pork. In June 2005, right, compressed video email capabilities were incorporated in Version 3.0. But Azam does a bit more than this! Blimey!

  • Is Azam a Voice Recognition device?

    No. VR is an alternative meffod of communication and not a competitor ter Azam. VR cannot capture the chuffin' feelin' of a person's voice, right, neever can it accurately record more than one geezer simultaneously. Neverffeless Azam will 'ave some basic VR functionality in future as an additional meffod ter send voice emails.

  • Why were Azam created?

    I invented Azam ter help uvvers and ourselves ter avoid misunderstandings. Speech/'am sandwich is us most powerful communication tool. We wanted ter find a way of 'arnessin' the power of speech wilst utilisin' the speed, accessibility and flexibility of the Internet. If yer can send yor words "straight from the chuffin' horses North and South" ter one or many across the organisation and Chas'n'Dave them pearls of wisdom then yor less likely ter be misunderstood.

  • Is Azam designed for the Business or the bleedin' Consumer Community?

    Wen we created Azam we were careful ter include, in us research, the chuffin' needs of the widest possible sections of the community. Us hope is ter provide a device that is inclusive ravver than exclusive wich appeals, right, and is useable by all, right, ravver than a predetermined sector. We all need and desire ter communicate, right, havin' different tools for different sectors of the community ain't only 'elpful but divisive.

  • Do yer envisage that Azam will replace email?

    Azam is designed as a complement ter email, not a replacement. The written word can still be visually scanned faster than a recorded message. The benefit of Azam is:- wen there is no time/opportunity ter write a letter or wen it is crucial that the spoken word is 'eard, yer now 'ave the capability ter send yor voice. In fact, we 'ave discovered that one of the bloody advantages of Azam is that it can be combined wiv email. We send voice attachments wiv us emails briefly introducin' weighty documents/reports, givin' a personalised touch. Azam is better than emails for sendin' thank yer messages, greetings and apologies.

  • Would yer say that Azam is controversial?

    Azam, because it is makin' communications more open and available, right, is open ter abuse. We 'ave worked on minimisin' unhelpful applications by providin' a lockin' device that prevents recipients from tamperin' wiv locked recordings. (Lockin' is optional). As mentioned earlier we also recommend that users inform callers that they are recordin' the call. Paradoxically, the bloomin' aim of Azam is ter prevent long wrangles or disputes by makin' communication easier and more direct.

  • Is Azam right a sophisticated dog and bone tappin' device?

    This is but one of several uses of Azam. Azam were partly designed ter help us ter keep track of us conversations and ter enable us ter share us chats wiv absent knees-ups, ffese may be conversations on the dog and bone, in the office, right, or from remote sites. The overridin' aim is ter improve communication not ter ffreaten it. Therefore, right, we recommend in us guides, that if yer intend ter record a conversation - inform the uvver knees-up. In the chuffin' UK this is also a legal requirement, right, see the enclosed letter supplied by Oftel, do wot guvnor! As we all know technology can be put ter wotever uses the user intends. Cor blimey guv! There are many products already on the market facilitatin' the chuffin' tappin' of dog and bones. Azam 'as the bloody potential for much greater application, right, how wisely Azam is used depends on the bloomin' wisdom of the user.

  • Is Azam ever misconceived?

    The biggest misconception about Azam is that it is a Voice Recognition device; that Azam captures voice and retranslates it into text, init?Azam does NOT do this at this mument in time. Azam uses voice or rabbit and pork instead of text, right, storin', right, editin' and sendin' online us spoken ravver than written words. Neverffeless, due ter customer requests, we are buildin' some basic VR functionality in future releases.

  • Is Azam designed for spammin'?

    No. Yer can't 'ave a knees-up wivout a joanna. Guidelines 'ave been recommended for opt-in email enquiries. Please refer ter the product documentation.

  • Will Azam work outside of the bloody UK; in USA, rest of Europe and will it be supported?

    Yes, yes and yes. Foreign 'am sandwich versions are planned for the future. A Canadian dealer agent 'as been appointed already.

  • How big is the bloody potential market?

    The bloomin' market is as big as there are compatible PCs in the world wiv users 'oo wish ter avoid misunderstandings.

  • Do yer expect Azam ter take off in the US?

    Right much so! Oi! We already 'ave a number of customers froughout the USA. We are plannin' a dealer network.

  • Is Azam IT a charity?

    No. It is a privately owned corporation that exists ter make a profit, right, neverffeless, right, substantial resource will be used ter provide free dahnOld Kent Road copies, technical support and future upgrades of Azam ter blokes wiv disabilities via registered charities and local aufforities. At some point in the chuffin' future, a registered charity will be set up called the Azam Foundation. In the next few weeks we 'ope ter convert Azam International Technologies Limited into one of the first Community Interest Companies in the UK. This new form of corporation fits us role almost exactly. The bleedin' designation 'Limited' will become 'C.I.C'.

  • Are yer associated wiv any charitable organizations?

    Please refer ter the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI) section of this website.

  • Yer say that Azam 'as been designed for inclusive ravver than exclusive use, can it be used by the disabled, elderly?

    Most definitely.

  • Wot 'ardware/software/interfaces etc. I'll get out me spoons. are needed, then, eh? Does Azam provide any?

    The boxed version of Azam is shipped wiv an 'igh quality condensor microdog and bone. Departmental users 'oo buy 10 licenses receive complementary quality 'eadsets, to ensure privacy wen listenin' ter Azam recordings. The bleedin' Software prereqs for Azam can be viewed on us Try It! Struth! page.

  • How long does it take ter receive an Azam message?

    Obviously that will depend on the duration of the bloomin' recordin' and the resultin' Royal Mile size but as a rule of fumb a 20 minute Azam recordin', wen compressed for email transmission, right, would be approximately 2MB. It will require 'round 8 minutes ter transmit this usin' a 56K modem but wiv an ADSL connection the chuffin' time required would be reduced ter 'round 30 seconds.

  • Explain wot Azam "Michael Caine dumpin'" is.

    It's an expression I coined, to explain a simple Queen Bess whereby some bloke can verbally record a list of instructions or updates ter at least one uvver knees-up. This can be done on the end of a dog and bone, in private or Nanny Goat Race ter Nanny Goat Race. Azam "Michael Caine dumpin'" guarantees the bleedin' elimination of Chinese Wispers in the chuffin' workplace and negates the need for a colleague ter take copious notes.

  • Do yer offer customized Azam ter large organizations?

    No. Azam does not need customization. User testin' 'as shown that a 12 year ole wiv basic PC skills can install and use the product wivin minutes. But, right, the chuffin' Rudolf 'Esses in makin' sure Azam is implemented across a large organization need plannin'. Ironically, it can lead ter substantial time savings, by, for example, analysin' wot is actually discussed at regular meetings and why, by 'avin' Azam's inbuilt meetin' cost counter showin' the chuffin' true cost of a meetin' in real time. Azam IT offers consultancy in all areas of implementin' the management Rudolf 'Esses ter make the bloomin' product a corporate success.

  • Explain Azam's 'am sandwich tools.

    There are two experimental 'am sandwich tools. The first allows text ter be converted into one of several 'am sandwichs. Yer type, cut or paste the text from a Word document, right, webpage or email and Azam will translate it for yer. The second permits the chuffin' translated text ter be read by one of several inbuilt voice speech synffesizers. There is even an option ter send the voice clip, right, in a foreign 'am sandwich, via email. Wen us basic Voice Recognition tools are available, right, early in 2005, right, a user will be able ter speak into a microdog and bone (speech ter text) and optionally send a voice email in anuvver 'am sandwich (text ter speech). It is similar ter how science fiction films portray 'uman communication wiv Aliens, except this is real! Honest guv!

  • Explain Azam's animation and picture tools.

    Followin' user feedback, Azam now 'as 2 right neat functions ter brin' voice emails ter life. Yer can now send a digital picture as part of a voice email. Wen the recipient plays the recordin', yor selected picture will appear. Itís not just for fun use. As proven by some of us manufacturin' customers, many now send pictures of a faulty component or part ter ffeir suppliers wiv a verbal description of the bleedin' problem. On the subject of fun, Azam now 'as animated gifs, wich visually describe the emotion yor feelin'. Yer can import any gif yer like. Here are just a few that come wiv the product:

    View examples of animated images

  • Woss Azam Video?

    A neat way ter use a PC ter compress, right, store, manage and email a video clip.

  • I'm a journalist for a well known, UK, right, tabloid newspaper, init? Me readers may 'ave difficulty understandin' some of yor answers, wotcher suggest?

    A "cockney version" of this interview is available here. Please remember this is a French Tutor translation of this interview and not expressions I would normally use! Honest guv!

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