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Azam software for court transcription and voice recording of public meetings

Here are just some ways Azam can be integrated in a court environment or in the voice recording of a public meeting.

  1. The proceedings can be recorded straight onto a PC. Using a quality condensor microphone (which is provided free with the boxed version of the product) a courtroom or meeting room full of people can be recorded.
  2. The actual audio recording can be posted on the internet or emailed in whole or in part to secretarial staff for transcription.
  3. Transcription from Azam recordings is easy and can be controlled through a toolbar on Microsoft® Word, which is provided with the product at no extra cost.
  4. Before, during or after the public meeting, Azam can be pre-loaded with index markers to facilitate the auto creation of audio tracks. After the meeting is over, the listener can jump to the relevant section of the meeting as if it were a music CD track!
  5. Journalists can be emailed the actual spoken words. Although a typed transcript may state 'the village of Upper-Firkin objected to a new airport being built during the public enquiry', this may not convey the actual emotional tone of the objections!
  6. Azam recordings are secure and come with a locking function, but they can be edited, for example, to remove expletives.
  7. Departmental servers can store Azam recordings and be adapted to provide a hierarchical and secure remote or internal access dependent on customized security tables.
  8. Public meetings of any type, whether in a courtroom, health authority, public hearing, or even parish council can be recorded using Azam.
  9. And one more: a quick and easy method to machine translate court transcripts, court related documents, or any type of document in several languages automatically!

Whether a High Court Judge, Chairperson of a local authority, or Mayor of small city, Azam voice recording software will prove invaluable, avoid misunderstandings and provide transparency.

For further information please contact us at corporate@azamit.com

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