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Azam software for Religious Organizations

Azam is not just used by businesses (large and small) or for home use. Many religious organizations find Azam to be a powerful communication tool to record and store sermons*.

Here are just some ways Azam has been integrated at Churches, Temples, Mosques and Synagogues:

  1. Pastors can record sermons for congregation members who have special needs or are absent through illness.
  2. Group discussions can be recorded and indexed for review.
  3. Parts of a sermon or service can be emailed using Azam.
  4. Attendees do not need to take extensive notes: they can simply record the sermon, which can then be indexed on the fly and the equivalent of CD audio tracks produced. Using Azam's Template functions, these indexes can be pre-loaded before the service.
  5. Members of the congregation can add their typed comments for subsequent reference, searching and retrieval.
  6. Azam recordings can be converted to MP3 and other formats for playing on portable players.
  7. Using the Azam Diary function, a living record of key events at the place of worship can be recorded and stored for posterity.
  8. An online or CD library can be kept of all the sermons ever presented, and shared with other adherents all over the world.
  9. Certain faiths provide a communal kitchen or equivalent. In these environments, members of the congregation can send voice emails free of charge to friends and family abroad using Azam.
  10. Young children who attend Sunday school can have lots of fun as well!

(* For simplicity, terms used on this page tend to refer to the Christian faith. This is not meant to show disrespect to other faiths that use alternative terminology to explain similar nouns for words such as 'sermon' or 'Pastor'.)

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