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Important announcement: Until Azam Version 4 is launched soon, we have disabled Azam Version 3 downloads, as it will be very unfair to let you buy the older version of Azam now, at the higher price. Put a special diary note and tell all your friends and co-workers!

Download the Azam Application now for a free 30-day trial. Following this period, you will need to register, and pay for, the product. The Azam Message Player may be downloaded and distributed freely without registration.

Alternatively if you are an enterprise customer, school, college, or government agency you can order the boxed version of Azam today which incorporates a multi seat license, 10 quality condensor audio microphones, and free support for 12 months.

Azam Application V3.0
Free 30-day trial
8.11MB Download

Important note! To check your PCs hardware and software is compatible with Azam, either run the free AzamTest utility below, or refer to the notes at the beginning of the download page. It will save on download time.

Azam Message Player V3.0FREE! 2.22MB Download
AzamTest utilityFREE! 769KB Download

We recommend you also download "The Hows and Whys of Azam" manual to help you get started. Updated June 27th 2005

We suggest a number of connected parties try Azam at the same time by downloading several copies. Whether it be a group of friends, business associates, School, or Local Authority department, use Azam free of charge for a few weeks to send Voice emails, record meetings, record lessons, and even swap living diaries with each other. View examples

All sales allow free Azam Software for use by disabled people, hospital children's wards and in the medical treatment of coma and brain injured patients.

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