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The spoken word is strong, clear and immediate, but a moment later it's just a memory. Written words last longer, they can be filed away and referred to later, but they lose the personal touch, and often much of the true meaning. Tape recording is cumbersome, requiring specialist equipment, a recorder, and cassettes that are not easy to search for retrieving individual recordings and impossible to distribute to large numbers of people.

Azam combines the clarity and immediacy of the spoken word with the durability and trackability of the written word. All you need is Azam, your PC, a microphone and standard email software. And whether you're recording a personal message, a meeting or a telephone conversation, it's as easy as Speak, Send, Store.

Azam is ideal for a business environment: recording, distributing and storing recordings of meetings, brainstorming sessions, interviews, sales and customer service calls, to-do-lists, or just plain dictations. Recordings made on dictaphones can also be easily imported into Azam for indexing and storage.

At home, too, Azam is invaluable for creating, editing and sending personal messages to friends and relatives, and for recording diary entries to keep, or to share with others. It also doubles up as an answer phone.

While pondering, also consider the impact a tool will have in your life that allows video emails, language tools, and several other communication functions. Azam is this tool.

Azam's rich functionality means it can be used for fun, or as a productivity aid. The common denominator, and the cornerstone of the Azam philosophy, is that it helps you communicate better and avoid misunderstandings.

Often software products concentrate on How, rather than Why. This is not the case for Azam: Why is the operative word... why will Azam change the way you do things? Why was the product invented and built? Why do we give the product away free to disabled people?

Elsewhere on this site, we go into detail on the benefits of using the product, depending on the work you do, or on the context in which you use it, at home or at work.

You can also read about the Azam Disabilities Initiative (ADI) and our hope to improve the lives of the disabled through use of the product.

You'll also find out why the product's inventor felt he needed a product like Azam and, not finding one, looked for a development partner to design and build it.

And of course we have the customary screenshots to let you see Azam in action before you download.

Getting back to the basics, though, let's ask simply: Why Azam?

Because it's based on Talk Not Text, so it's immediate, personal, clear, unambiguous
Because it helps you Communicate Better
Because it can help you Save Time, especially in a business meeting environment
Because it can help you Avoid Misunderstandings
Because it's extremely Cost Effective
And finally, because it's Easy To Use

Two questions spring to mind: why didn't someone think of Azam earlier? And why don't I download the product now?
If you're still not sure that Azam would be useful to you, why not read some of the testimonials we have received.

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